TitleDifferential Optical Shadow Sensor CubeSat Mission
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsZoellner A, Buchman S, Conklin J, DeBra DB, Saraf S, Shimizu S, Aljibreen H
Conference Name26th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites
Date Published10/2012
Conference LocationLogan, Utah

A CubeSat mission is proposed to demonstrate in orbit performance of the Differential Optical Shadow Sensor (DOSS), a high precision, compact, low-cost position sensor. The DOSS is used as displacement sensor in the Modular Gravitational Reference Sensor (MGRS). GRS technology enables advances in Earth science and precision distributed Earth-observing sensors, as well as space science, precise orbit determination and maintenance, and precision spacecraft formation flying. To reduce the overall mission risk for a proposed drag-free small satellite mission built around the MGRS, the DOSS is tested in a 2U CubeSat. The main mission objective is to raise the Technology Readiness Level for the sensor. The performance goal is a sensitivity of 1 nm at 1 mHz. This is over one order of magnitude improvement over the current setup which is largely limited by environmental noise. In order to achieve the low frequency stability, lock-in detection is used. The real-time signal processing required for drag-free control is demonstrated on a digital signal processor (DSP). This paper gives a system level overview of the proposed mission.


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